WOOHOO Classic Chinese Style is Finally Embraced!

I just recently stumbled on this new blog and I actually laughed my ass off so hard…this was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while and it’s all so true… On Accidental Chinese Hipsters, you’ll see the most hip grandma, slouchy beanies, the newest trends, AND THIS FABULOUS MATCHING LEOPARD ENSEMBLE BELOW…BAMMMM I LOVE … Continue reading

inspiration or enemy?

So I was just looking around the marie claire website, and stumbled upon this new app they have running on their page. try it…but I’m warning ya. I’m not sure if I find this horrible on my self esteem or a good inspiration to be healthy! marie claire- see yourself without the extra weight


hey y’all I wasn’t sure if you’ve heard of a little thing called lookbook yet, but for the past few years I have always looked at this website for inspiration and beautiful photography. Here’s the scoop. You can look through the photos anytime you want, but if you want to make an account you need … Continue reading

so many samples!

Hey everyone! I don’t know if many of you have heard about this new (or maybe I’ve just been completely unaware of it) product where you subscribe to their service and each month a variety of samples are sent to your door! Test Tube http://www.testtube.newbeauty.com What they do is charge $29.95 (plus $8.95 for shipping- … Continue reading