Pamela Love gets Supernatural

A lil bit rocker, a lil bit chic- what more could you ask for? New York jewelry designer Pamela Love’s new Fall 2011 collection is loaded with rough crystals and unpolished stones with witchy symbols and studded cuffs. After her collaboration with Topshop this Spring and many more collaborations with Rogan vs Love, Mammoth Talon … Continue reading

Gold Lovers Unite! Creepy Crawly Jewellery

I usually turn away from little buggy insects but I just can’t help loving Hirotaka‘s new collection! The designer, Hirotaka Inoue covered his lookbook in his own drawings and doodles that reflect the jewelries’ subject: creeeeepy crawly insects (glided slugs, cartoon lizards etc), gold bangles, evil-eye earrings and more.  Visit the website and check out … Continue reading

green with envy

I’ve always been so obsessed with green accessories…and blue too.  Every time I see something with turquoise, or just a bright, shiny, green or blue stone, I just NEED to pick it up.  I’ll never be able to afford these, but I have faith that one day I will!  They’re just so beautiful!! It’s summer, … Continue reading