The Perfect Brows?

Sorry I haven’t been updating for the past week! I’ve been really busy with interning and just overall summer stuff (being lazy by the pool haha)…but I’ve been thinking recently about where I could get a good eyebrow waxing in Toronto.  I’ve never really had the best experiences with waxing whether it be the ripping … Continue reading

summer hair saviours!

Want to have amazing hair like the celebrities you see below?  Even though I’m sure they have a whole styling team that helps them look the way they do, there’s a lot of stuff you can do at home to help you have healthy hair as well!  Summer is FINALLY here and with all that … Continue reading

the beauty department This is such an awesome website. Lauren Conrad, Kristen Ess and Amy Nadine started this website (and it’s fairly new!) all your beauty questions will be answered here, they will also have make up and hair tutorials, trends and tips.  They keep it updated often and just have awesome ideas and inspirations.  Check this … Continue reading