Girl Crush: Emma Watson

I’m secretly a Harry Potter junkie (shhh!)

I can remember reading all the Harry Potter books over and over again before the movies came out that fall- I WAS (**am) SO OBSESSED and now that the last movie is being released this July I can’t help but feel a little sentimental.

What’s more is that I am also obsessed with Emma Watson…I just can’t help it. I loved it when she did her Burberry ads, when she cut her hair into a pixie cut, when she traveled across the pond to go to school- the girl can do nothing wrong!

Just look at her cover on July’s Vogue! With her  high-gloss lips, strong cheekbones, heavy eye makeup, slicked-back hair, Tom Ford chain mail top, McQueen jewel-encrusted thigh-high boots, and Prada’s paillette dress- can she look more perfect? She looks so beautiful and so grown up…I MUST PICK UP THIS MAGAZINE

…long live Harry Potter! (oh gawd…that was a little more embarrassing than I would have liked)


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