hey y’all

I wasn’t sure if you’ve heard of a little thing called lookbook yet, but for the past few years I have always looked at this website for inspiration and beautiful photography.

Here’s the scoop. You can look through the photos anytime you want, but if you want to make an account you need to be invited (exclusive eh?), but if you wanted to join just message me and I’ll try to send you an invite! how the website works is you can follow/”hype” looks.  You can look at photos from people all over the world and some people actually have the best style ever. For some reason, it seems like everyone from Scandinavian countries have AMAZING style.  You can even see where they’ve bought thing things they’re wearing so you can snatch their style (but of course make it your own).  Most of the members have blogs as well that you can follow!

Last time I checked a couple celebrities (like Lady Gaga) had a lookbook account so keep an eye out for them!

The only negative thing I can say about this website is that sometimes people seem to hype photos based on their artistic features and not because their style is unique or awesome.  either that or I was never aware that wearing just a large t-shirt or being naked was every stylish…

What’s really funny is that sometimes you can recognize the people that post their looks on lookbook. I remember once I was shopping on Queen St W and I saw someone I recognized working at H&M!

check it out: www.lookbook.nu

here are a couple of my favourite looks!

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